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The Door to Peace

Narrator: Ladies and German spies, Welcome... [Narrator steps down into audience] Don't I know you? You're a German spy. I'll have you arrested. I'll put you in gaol.
[The Spy runs and is chased by the Narrator]
Narrator: Stop! I'll shoot you if you don't stop. I'll shoot you. [Narrator shoots Spy who collapses. Narrator returns to front of stage.]
Narrator: Welcome to the door to peace. A short play by Amy Hill. [Narrator exits]

[The German soldier looks around and puts the key in the box. Two British soldiers sneak up behind him and one slashes him with a knife.]
1st Soldier: You get the key and I'll get the box.
[2nd Soldier gets the key and the 1st Soldier gets the box. They run to one side of the stage as the German Soldier sneaks off]
1st Soldier: Here give us the key. [2nd Soldier hands over the key. 1st Soldier opens the box and takes out the next box.]
2nd Soldier: It's just anoter box but smaller. Give it here. [2nd Soldier takes the key and the box and opens it with the same key.]
1st Soldier: Not another box. [The same thing happens.]
2nd soldier: It's getting smaller. There must be something in this one; only someting small could fit in here. [The Soldier opens the tiny box and finds another key. the Sergeant enters.]
Sergeant: What are you doing? Dig some trenches with the other soldiers.
[They both put the key away and start digging.]
1st Soldier: I've hit a rock. Help me. [Both get on knees and scrape away dirt.]
2nd Soldier: that's no rock. It's a... a... door? [a door is revealed.]
1st Soldier: The key; give it her a minute. [Takes the key and puts it in the door.]
2nd Soldier: It worked. Open it. [They pull the trapdoor open and stare down it puzzled]
1st Soldier: It's too dark to see. Let's go in quick, before Sergeant sees us. [They both jump down, screaming and dropping keys.]
Sergeant: What are you two doing? [He follows them down the hole, taking the keys.]
1st Soldier: Oh no, He's coming! This way. [Both run, followed by the Sergeant]
1st soldier: Hide over there; I'll stay here. [Both hide]
Sergeant: I know you're here somewhere. [Looks around until 1st Soldier moves and is caught.]
Sergeant: What do you think you're doing?
1st Soldier: I was looking for German spies.
Sergeant: Really? And are these your keys?
1st Soldier: Yes... [Tries to take them but Sergeant pulls them away]
Sergeant: And where is your mate?
1st Soldier: Don't know what you mean.
Sergeant: I know what you've been doing. Don't play with me. Where is he?
[2nd Soldier moves following a signal from the 1st]
Sergeant: Got you! Come here.
[2nd soldier walks towards him]
2nd Soldier: Sorry Sir.
Sergeant: Never mind, I'll sort you out later. Which way is out?
[All follow him the wrong way untill they reach a tunnel]
1st Soldier: Duck. It's getting dark, and low.
2nd Soldier: It really is.
[All duck down crawling on hands and knees. They get to a dead end and start looking around]
2nd Soldier: That's it. There's no more path. It's just too dark to see.
[Soldiers fall down a hole followed by the Sergeant]
Sergeant: Great! Now what are we going to do? [Sergeant leans on a wall and it turns]
1st Soldier: Where did you go?
Sergeant: Here, push the wall.
2nd Soldier: Wow. [He pushes the wall and the both fall through]
1st Soldier: Where are we?
Sergeant: I dont know, but look! There's a door over there.
[All go to the door and try to open it]
2nd Soldier: The key, Sergeant. You have it.
Sergeant: I know, I know. [He gets the key out and opens the door]
1st Soldier: What is this place?
2nd Soldier: Look, there's a sign. It says WELCOME TO THE LAND OF...
Sergeant: PEACE?